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“The music of Ritmo Lab makes people feel the love, connectedness and energy of home, family and community”

Ritmo Lab is a music production project created by musician, songwriter and producer Alba Martínez. Her songs are inspired by her personal stories and experiences as a Latina who moved to the U.S. mainland at a young age full of dreams, where she obtained her legal education and pursued a life-long career in social change. Her music is rooted in the rich sounds and rhythms of Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised. Alba composes and collaborates with artists whose talent and authenticity are sure to create enthusiasm with listeners. Ritmo Lab wants to celebrate Latinidad by bringing to audiences the magic and energy of Puerto Rican salsa, bomba, plena, rumba, jíbaro country music, and more.

Ritmo Lab has produced and released the plena Parranda en Uber (2019), and the salsa La Guagua 47 (2021). Its song Novio Eléctrico, a bomba, is scheduled for release in 2022. Musical collaborators include Leo Gruber (Venezuelan singer and composer), Giovanny Montoya ( Colombian bass player, arranger, and music producer), Mirabay Montoya (Colombian singer and vocal coach for renowned urban artists), Mauro Mosquera (Colombian salsa singer formerly with Grupo Niche), Erik Piza (Grammy-nominated percussionist), Izzy Sanabria (Fania All Stars’ art director), and Miguel Orlando (Puerto Rican traditional music singer).

Ritmo Lab 



Who needs car?

Parranda en uber

Our first project, is a Puerto Rican plena inspired by the social, labor and economic transformation driven by the digital era. Lyrics and music by Alba Martínez, vocals by Miguel Orlando Martínez and arrangements by David Colón and Tony Pérez.

A latino migrant finds home with a bus ride  

la Guagua 47

Ritmo Lab brings together musicians from around the world who represent the fabulous talent in Latin music today to transform the Latinx migrant experience into an uplifting salsa song: Venezuelan lead singer Leo Gruber, Puerto Rican songwriter and producer Alba Martínez, NYC/NJ percussionist Erik Piza, Colombian Giovanny Montoya on bass, Peruvian pianist Dani Yacila, NYC trombonist Johan Escalante, NJ’s Adriel Gonzalez and Angel Rios on coros, and arranger David Colon from Philadelphia.


Emma Restrepo & Jane M. Von Bergen - March 24, 2021


“La Gua Gua 47” — the 47 Bus — is her newly released song, written to honor the summer day in 1985 when she rode the SEPTA bus to 5th and Lehigh to find the heartbeat of Philadelphia’s caribeña community.

Martínez, a native of Puerto Rico, had just arrived in the city from Washington D.C., where she had earned a law degree at Georgetown University. There on the busy street she found her community in her new hometown.

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